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50 pages family albums can be digitalized (190NOK), optionally printed (290NOK) and connected online (150 pr. year).
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By digitalizing, you will stop the deterioration of old photos over time, water damage and fire damage. It is also easier to organize and share pictures. Do the scanning yourself or let us do it: Prices are NOK 2,90 for 10x15. Slides cost 4,50 pr. piece. Write to for other formats up to A3. (Cheap pick up in the Oslo area, phone 90 74 73 41)
Have you already scanned your photos?
YES? Excellent! Use Album2 to organize and share – even if you have backup. The more copies you make, the more certain it is that the family’s future generations will enjoy the family history. Share now and be the family hero! By the way; if you don’t take care of the family’s old photos now, who will?

Who is in the photo? Nobody knows. Put them in the bin!
Let instead Album2 help you by automating face tags and make them searchable. organizes family history for future generations on several platforms

Price NOK 150 pr. year. One month free.
Made in Norway started in 2004. It covers the need for photo share for ca. 2000 registered active users. The site works under Norwegian law, which is known to protect the consumer. Only you decide who can share your photos. You can stop sharing of any of your albums any time.