The rights to the Album2 system are managed by Album2.com AS. The system is managed by the association Safe Image Storage (Sikker Billedlagring), a native of Norway. Questions and clarifications are answered by contacting support@album2.com with the heading "Subscription Terms". These conditions are considered short and clear and are formulated to be easy to relate to. If account holders have input in this regard, please notify this, with suggestions for improvement.


  1. Basic Subscription
    Provides the account holder his own space where he can store and manage their photos in one or more photo albums and control who should have access to the album. See the next chapter for more details. Later, the term “account holder” is used for the user / email address / account holder who has the basic subscription. All communication with the account holder takes place from the system side through the account holder's email address in the system.
  2. Low cost basic subscription
    You pay 0.0005 euro per image/year upfront with a minimum price of 5 EURO for 5 years upfront. Low cost subscriptions include advertisments on the system's websites and up to 6 external email advertisements per year. You get a message 1 month before the account will be closed.
  3. The normal basic subscription
    is 10 EUR plus 0,001 EUR per saved image/year. This gives the account holder advertising-free use of the system, access to store their own images and an unlimited number of digital photo albums. An account who is not paid within due date will be downgraded to advertising subscription automatically.
  4. “Eternal” basic subscription subscription
    with a lump sum of NOK 15,000 to get an "infinite account" passive account with up to 5,000 photos. If you want to upload new photos, you must have a subscription in accordance with point 2 or 3. This requires that the account holder ensures further access to the email address used in Album2. If this is not ensured, Album2 cannot transfer the subscription without a court order from the state where the previous account holder was domiciled.
An account holder who has NOT paid within 2 months of due date will be automatically deleted.

Album2 may block account holders with content that Secure Image Storage considers offensive, threatens privacy or infringes copyrights or is otherwise illegal. If this applies to content that you have posted, the account holder will be notified, but you will still retain the content. If this repeats itself, the service may terminate the account If Album2 terminates the account, the account holder has the right to download the content for up to 60 days, provided that due claims have been paid.

Website Subscription:

This gives the account holder a own home page functionality to present albums.

Users can present selected albums on a separate page with text and where other logged in users can post comments on individual images. This is suitable for associations and businesses that invite the gathering of information and debate on various objects or issues. The owner of the individual website has full responsibility for the content of these pages including . This solution is available in 2 versions;

  1. The normal website subscription requires a user to pay for their normal subscription. Price per year 100 EUR plus 0.002 EUR per picture. Establishment costs depending on solution requirements and necessary assistance. The minimum price is 500 EUR.
  2. Low-cost website subscription. Establishment cost depending on solution and necessary assistance. The minimum price is 500 EUR . Thereafter, 0.001 EUR is paid per image per year with a minimum price of 10 EUR per year. Low cost side is co-financed with advertising. The ad can be updated at most every 5 minutes. If the page is not actively used within 10 minutes, "pop-up" advertising can overlay up to 25% of the screen area.

Operating conditions

  1. You can cancel your account at any time by sending an email with the heading "Please close my account" to support@album2.com.
  2. The email address specified as "user" in the subscription is defined in the system as "account holder". Anyone who has created and / or has access to the e-mail address in question is defined with a responsibility as "account holder"and have to comply with privacy law and similar legislation in the country where the "account holder" belongs or it can be expeced to be used.
  3. Due to security, the system will automatically save the image as "hidden" if no questions are asked during the upload, ie only the account holder will be able to access the image. When uploading many images at the same time, this option can be given to all images in the upload provided the account holder has actively set such parameter.
  4. The software or storage provider has no ownership of the content and cannot use it in any respect not rooted in the law or judgment of the account holder's home country.
  5. Data in the system will only be stored within the EEA and the United States, on equipment either managed by “Secure Image Storage” or a well-known and widely accepted operator.
  6. The account holder can choose for uploading the original files himself or only in scaled-down resolutions (faster transfer, sufficient for on-screen display but usually insufficient for detect face).
  7. Original images over 7 MB can be scaled-down or rejected if no extended agreement is made.
  8. Content that the Account Holder contributes (except for name and profile photo) will only be available to other account holders that you share with, unless you use the code "Anyone can see" which makes the content accessible and searchable for all Internet users.
  9. If a user grants "Anyone to see" access, it can be revoked at any time with immediate effect, but a copy may remain in the National Library.
  10. Account holder can open access to the original files for a group of account holders, e.g. "Family", "friends" and "close friends". It is the account holder's responsibility to familiarize yourself with the mechanisms for sharing photos and related information on Album2.
  11. The privacy and protection of intellectual property is the highest priority at Album2. All content that the account holder contributes remains the property of the account holder. Album2 cannot transfer content to anyone without the account holder having decided to do so. Personal data must be processed in accordance with the legislation of the account holder's home country.
  12. If an account is terminated, the content will be made unavailable to anyone other than the account holder without undue delay. Album2 will then physically remove the images after 6 months.
  13. Album2 gives the customer 14 days' right of withdrawal. To use the right of withdrawal, this must be notified to support@album2.com. Amounts paid are returned within 30 days minus any payment charges incurred.

Guide to using the "Anyone can see" category

  1. Follow good "Network etiquette" (Internet etiquette)
  2. Follow Album2's instructions for different content.
  3. Do not set an album to "Anyone can see" unless all people who can be recognized in the photo (or parents of children) think it is okay that the photos are openly available.
  4. Respect copyrights. If you did not take the photo, ask the licensee for permission to use the photo.
  5. Do not post pictures that some may think are pornographic, campaign against ethnic groups or anything that may offend anyone.

Album2 may change the terms at 30 days notice.